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Pacific Island Tourism



SS.7PI.7.1 Use geographic representations such as maps or models to explain population distribution and the physical (e.g. land forms, natural resources, climate, river, lakes) and human (e.g. bridges, dams, roads, buildings) characteristics of places in Oceania



Description of Assignment:


Mr. Wong will be going on a vacation and wants to go to an island located in the Pacific.  You have been awarded the job as a travel agent to create a presentation about your island.  Your presentation (either Powerpoint or regular slides using the ELMO projector) should have the following:


1.    Greeting and welcome in island language.

2.    Picture of island and type of island (volcanic, atoll, continental, raised reef)

a.     Explain climate of island

b.     Explain total population of island

3.    Map of island showing:

a.     Major airport and harbor you will land at or arrive by boat at

b.     Capital city to visit and 5 other cities or villages: Explain if cities and villages are modern or not (give examples)

c.     Route of travel and what mode of transportation will be used (cars, bikes, buses, etc.)

d.     4-5 tourist spots that are man made (e.g. Bishop Museum)

4.    Map of island showing:

a.     Capital city to visit and 5 other cities or villages: Explain if cities are affected because of physical features of island.  Why is the city located there?  See handout about “Why places are located where they are.”

b.     4-5 major tourist spots that show important physical characteristics of the island (e.g. Hanauma Bay)

5.    Cultural Information

a.     Dress up in native clothing (show picture)

b.     Is your island modern or still in the subsistence type of living (show picture)

c.     Traditional Foods (2-3) (Show picture)

d.     Traditions or Cultural Practices (2-3) (Show picture)


Islands to pick from



Cook Islands                                 


Marshall Islands

French Polynesia                      



Northern Mariana                       



Samoa (Western)                         


Papua New Guinea                   



My Island is: _______________________________________________




1. (or there are books in the library about the specific islands)

2.    Island tourism websites (just type in the island and tourism)

3.    CIA World Factbook (website)

4.    Atlas of the Pacific

5.    Pacific Island Neighbors