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Benchmark – SS.7HHK.3.5:

Describe the coming of early immigrant groups (including Chinese, Portuguese, and Japanese) to Hawaii as contract laborers, their experience in the plantation system, aspects of their culture that was brought with them (including beliefs, knowledge, and/or practices), and the relationships

that developed between themselves as well as others (including inequities on the job, cultural diffusion, and/or assimilation).




Based on your multiple intelligence test, choose the intelligence that you scored the highest on (4+).  Because the test helped you to identify your strength, complete the activity.


Mathematical: 1. Graph the inequity of mill supervisors in the plantation and come up with a conclusion based on the graph.  Make a bar graph showing the number of immigrants as supervisors. 2. Using the plantation cards, sort and place in the pyramid where each personŐs earnings are.  Then, answer the questions on the attached sheet.


Visual: Draw a comic strip that shows inequity in the plantation system using the reading.  Make sure you have a dialogue (conversation) between the characters.  Make sure your comic strip is colored and have 5 panels.


Musical: Create a rap or song about the inequity in the plantation system.  Use todayŐs current songs to help guide your musical creation.  Rap or song must be 2-3 minutes long.  Use the RAFT technique:


            Role: Musician

            Audience: Students who know nothing about the inequities on the plantation

            Format: Song format

            Topic: What type of inequities are happening on the plantation


Linguistic: Prepare a speech inspiring workers to strike.  Use the information that you read as support for your speech.   Your speech should last 2-3 minutes long.  Use the RAFT technique:


            Role: Plantation worker

            Audience: Other workers in the plantation (all groups)

            Format: Speech

            Topic: Explain the inequities on the plantation and why its important to strike


Bodily Kinesthetic: Role-play a comedy or a skit about the inequities that occurred on the plantation.  Your comedy or skit should be 2-3 minutes long.  Create a dialog with character names.




Intrapersonal: Write a letter home to a loved one explaining the hardships of the plantations and the inequities that are occurring to you.  Use the RAFT technique:


            Role: Filipino immigrant worker getting the lowest pay

            Audience: Family back home in the Phillipines

            Format: Letter (3/4 of page long)

            Topic: Experiences on the plantation (focus on inequity on pay)


Interpersonal: As a teacher, figure out how you would teach about the inequities on the plantation.  Come up with a lesson plan to teach 5 students about the inequities.  Make it unique.  DonŐt just talk.  PARTNERS ARE OPTIONAL.  Requirements:


            Hook: How well you get the students interested in the lesson?

            Objectives: Explain objectives or goals of what students should know at the end.

            Directions: Write a step by step description of what you will be doing.

            Conclusion: How will you know if students got it or not?

            Review: Review the lesson of the day