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Standard 3: History: HISTORY OF THE HAWAIIAN KINGDOM-Understand important historical events in the history of the Hawaii Kingdom




Analyze the roles of significant individuals (including King David Kalakaua, Robert Wilcox, LiliÕuokalani, Sanfrod B. Dole, Lorrin A. Thurston, and Minister Stevens) and groups (including Annexationist/Committee of Public Safety, Aloha Aina and American Businessmen) and their involvement in the Overthrow.




Historical Scene Investigations is an inquiry project where students will be faced with a problem to solve. If the expectations are not met, students could end up getting an approaching or well below grade.


Students will need to complete all assignments and meet the deadlines below.  No extensions will take place since class time was given.


Case File

Text Box: Tte Overthrow




















The Overthrow



Becoming a Detective


On January 17, 1893, Queen LiliÕuokalani was overthrown by the COPS (Committee of Public Safety).  A provisional government led by Sanford B. Dole governed Hawaii.  The President of the United States, Grover Cleveland has chosen your team to investigate the people involved in the Overthrow and the reasons why it occurred.


Your job is to find out what happened and who was responsible for the QueenÕs overthrow.


Investigating the Evidence


*Document A:  New York Times Article (This Day in History)

*Document B: The Overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom – Reading

*Document C: Sanford Dole Reading

*Document D: Queen LiliÕuokalani Reading

*Document E: Lorrin Thurston Reading

*Document F: King David Kalakaua Reading

*Document G: U.S. Minister Stevens Reading

*Document H: Robert Wilcox Reading

*Document I: The QueenÕs Story (DVD)

*Document J: The Bayonet Constitution


Searching for Clues (Due by Wednesday November 23, 2011 or earlier)


  1. Find out the roles of each of the people involved in the Overthrow: LiliÕuokalani, David Kalakaua, Robert Wilcox, Sanford Dole, Lorrin Thurston, and Minister John Stevens.


How are they involved?

Is the person a royalist or annexationist?

Provide a picture of each person in your suspect file


  1. Why did the overthrow occur?


Cracking the Case (Due by Thursday December 1, 2011 or earlier)


Based on your investigation of the Overthrow, who was responsible for the Overthrow?


As the commissioner, you are to:


1. Create a flow map explaining the events leading up to the overthrow

2. Create a circle map explaining who was responsible for the overthrow with evidence along with a Frame of Reference (how do you know that).


In the end, students will create a pop up page of a scene from the overthrow and use their flow map for the bottom section.)










Both products have accurate facts and details that paint a clear picture.

Both products have accurate facts and general and/or detailed information.

Information is very minimal with few inaccurate facts.

Has no idea of what occurred or who was responsible and/or many inaccurate facts given.


Grade will be worth a total of 10 points.  Students will then multiple the points they earned by the number of group members.  Students will then divide the points up based on the amount of work that was put into the project.